I-House impresses us as an MMC solution

I-House impresses us as an MMC solution 13/04/2022

We are in the final stages of re-developing our Tuttons Rise site in Stanpit, Christchurch UK with 5 new homes using the I-House system and H+H Celcon Elements.

The build introduced Karm Homes to the concept of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) while also providing the familiarity of a traditional building material. 

The full I-House system package was used for each of the five houses. The system is manufactured by Roofspace, (formerly SIG), who also supply a 3-person team and crane operator to build the whole structural fabric.  The aircrete offsite solution speeded up construction in this infill site.

One of the key benefits of using I-House is the incredibly quick build time that can be achieved, and this case was no different. Here, the panels and roofs went up in just 10 days per house, leaving a watertight shell for interior work to immediately begin. 

As soon as the shell had been completed, work began on the ground floor insulation, underfloor heating and liquid screed, closely followed by the timber studwork for upstairs walls and staircases. While the internal work was happening, the roof was being tiled and the bricklayers put on notice to commence the outside skin.

For us, the main attraction of the H+H I-House System was the speed of construction and because we were keen to move to MMC we were comfortable with a method that still uses aircrete as its primary material. 

Martin Keenes, Director at Karm Homes, commented: “The I-House system is very impressive. For this project speed was key and I-House delivered. You get the speed of timber construction and the benefits of a traditional masonry build without compromising on quality or performance. This was our first time using I-House and working with Roofspace and H+H and the support we’ve received from Amos and the H+H technical team has been great. Going forward we will definitely be using I-House again where possible.”

Building Solution Manager, Amos Rodrigues remarked: “We see I-House as being the package solution for the houses of the future and were delighted that Karm Homes want to use I-House system regularly moving forward.”

The homes are expected to be completed in Summer 2022.